• Our Tribe // Meet Our Makers // Kelly Jay

    Our Tribe // Meet Our Makers // Kelly Jay

    In conversation with Kelly Jay. The creator behind 'Of Visual Forms'.

    We recently discovered ‘Of Visual Forms’ - the multidisciplinary brand of Nottingham based Kelly Jay, and knew immediately that her artworks would be a perfect fit for A New Tribe. With her strong use of form and shape combined with a soft tactility and texture, whilst using modest colour palettes - the artworks from ‘Of Visual Forms’ really are a perfect way to bring some pattern into a considered and paired back interior. We chatted to Kelly Jay to find out more about her and how her brand began…
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  • Explorations // Wall Hangings

    Explorations // Wall Hangings
    Wall hangings bring a uniquely soft tactility to a space, that differs from traditional artwork. Rather than lying flat and two-dimensional, wall hangings add depth and texture to a room. From tapestry type blankets to more three dimensional worked into pieces, there’s a movement towards hanging textiles, artefacts and objects on our walls. With the art of craft making a big resurgence - designers, makers and home-crafters are creating beautiful, haphazard pieces that are a far cry from mass produced art.
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  • Explorations // Moroccan Rug Guide

    Explorations // Moroccan Rug Guide

    The world of Berber rugs and the tribes who make them…

    At A New Tribe we’ve spent many years working with the Berber people in Morocco, who both weave our in-house designed rugs and who we source our one-of-a-kind vintage rugs from. During this time, we’ve learnt so much about the different tribes who make these rugs, and how to tell each type of Moroccan rug apart. 
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  • Projects // ‘Berber’

    Projects // ‘Berber’
    For Spring 2019 we’re exploring all things Berber, which we’ve fallen in love with during our time and travels in Morocco. Aside from the rugs (which we’ve long had a passion for) we’ve been discovering and learning more about the fascinating Berber language which has its own Tamazight alphabet. The written letters look like bold, striking symbols - so we’ve used this for our new Berber logo, which translates to ‘A New Tribe’, launching in our windows for spring. 
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  • Projects // Mare Street Market Pop-Up

    Projects // Mare Street Market Pop-Up
    On 20th September 2018 we launched a one month pop-up at Hackneys ‘Mare Street Market’, adorning their space with our selection of Moroccan Berber rugs, hand crafted ceramics, cult independent textile brands and statement jewellery. We created a tranquil slice of Morocco mixed with many other beautiful products sourced both from around the world and close to home.
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