Spring Collection // Art Life

Kana London Studio x A new tribe spring collection

Our new Spring edit is here, and is comprised of pieces that have been carefully selected by us, to help inspire your very own ‘Art Life’. Our aim is to remind you that life can be perceived as an ongoing piece of art that is never-ending and can be created as you go. Sometimes it can be hard to slow down, be present, and enjoy the process when living in today’s accelerated world - so this post is a gentle reminder to do just that - take a step back, and surround yourself with art that makes your heart sing.

Within the collection, we have a beautiful range of spirited ceramics, abstract rugs and decorative pieces, displaying unique qualities that have been imprinted by each designer maker. These inspiring artisans have produced pieces that embody excitement, imperfection, freedom and movement - the perfect elements to include within your very own interior still life.


a new tribe ceramics kana of london

Artist and ceramicist Ana Kerin, of ‘Kana London’ opened up her studio to us to capture our collection, which created the perfect backdrop to showcase our one-of-a-kind pieces. Pictured alongside select Kana pieces, the works of Mari Masot, Hood Ceramics x Nicola Morland, Bloomingville, and Ila Ceramica can be seen, and are just a few of many talented artisans that are involved within the Art Life movement. Featuring expressive, textural glazes along with sculptural, architectural forms, our ceramics were expertly shot by photographer Emilia Cocking, who encapsulated our collection perfectly against the silhouette of Kana’s figurative artworks. 


a new tribe, T i n j a, Haar East, Noe Kuremoto and Ibkki

    Pictured above, from left to right, we have fused together designer-makers
T i n j a, Haar East, Noe Kuremoto and Ibkki to help motivate individuals on their own creative journeys. These pieces are all vastly different in terms of their production, size, shape, and material - each possesses its own unique story and background. With this being said, together as a group, they blend together beautifully. A moment in art created to celebrate diversity, and to acknowledge these differences with love and admiration.
Our newest member of the Art Life collection, T i n j a, offers an insight into Tunisian craft and presents objects and furniture made by hand in respect of traditions and nature, producing custom-made pieces with a contemporary twist. Pictured below, you can see an example of a bespoke vessel made by
T i n j a - pots such as this one are crafted and fired using age-old techniques from the hills of Sejnane, which are characterised by magnificent firing marks found on their surface as a result. We are thrilled to welcome them to the Art Life collection in our store,  and we will also add them to our website very soon to order. We’re just as excited as you are!

   a new tribe ceramics               T i n j a x a new tribe

In order to add some tactility to our collection, we have coupled our range of ceramics above with one-of-a-kind textiles, thoughtfully chosen and sourced as ever by our passionate team. As our wonderful community already knows, A New Tribe proudly stocks a wide selection of Berber rugs, skilfully woven and dyed by artisans across Morocco. Chosen from our vast selection, We have grouped together a family of Boujad rugs, each originating from the same place, but each telling its own story. 

Distinctive and unique in their own right, each Boujad rug is made by Berber women using traditional techniques. With this being said, however, the women of this tribe do not follow set designs or templates in the weaving process, allowing each piece to be determined according to the whim of the weaver. We like to think of them as paintings in the woven form!

Boujad rug a new tribe leaning               a new tribe textile
Curating your own Art Life collection is all about creating that moment of connection. This allows us to travel the world when in one place, to focus on the little things that nurture and sustain us, and helps us to discover our true selves. We hope that these pieces have inspired you to open up your very own gallery, full of interesting artefacts that bring joy to you every day.