• Sacred Spaces // Leila and Lloyd

    Sacred Spaces // Leila and Lloyd
    In this month’s post, we celebrate the launch of our new series ‘Sacred Spaces’; dedicating our very first issue to founders of Brixton based ‘Pluck Kitchens’ - Leila & Lloyd. Their home possess’ an eclectic mix of antique, vintage, and contemporary pieces that have been positioned with purpose in their stunning Victorian property, steadily revealing parts of their journey through life together thus far with fluency and flair. Today we are excited to share a little bit more about their ad hoc style, and their process when curating treasured pieces within their very own sacred space.
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  • Spring Collection // Art Life

    Spring Collection // Art Life

    Our new Spring edit is here, and is comprised of pieces that have been carefully selected by us, to help inspire your very own ‘Art Life’. Our aim is to remind you that life can be perceived an ongoing piece of art that is never-ending, and can be created as you go. Sometimes it can be hard to slow down, to be present, and to enjoy the process when living in today’s accelerated world - so this post is a gentle reminder to do just that - take a step back, and surround yourself with art that makes your heart sing.

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  • Photo Stories // ‘Keeping It Local’

    Photo Stories // ‘Keeping It Local’

    Photo Stories // ‘Keeping It Local’ by Sarah Burton Fielding

    During lockdown 3.0, photographer Sarah Burton Fielding took to Hackney Road and locations close by to the shop and to our homes in Walthamstow, armed with an array of our wares, finding iconic and everyday local businesses as a real-life back-drop to showcase these pieces.

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  • Our Tribe // Meet Our Makers // Trine Ben Aish

    Our Tribe // Meet Our Makers // Trine Ben Aish

    In Conversation with Trine Ben Aish. The creator of ELOEIL.

    ELOEIL’s hand-painted ceramics arrived in our store a few months ago and were an instant favourite, with the ‘Hands On’ range being both visually beautiful and becoming somewhat more meaningful during the recent BLM movement. We caught up with Danish born Trine Ben Aish, who resides in Israel; to find out more about her life and the evolution of ELOEIL.

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