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Meet Taylor

Since joining us in 2020 we've loved getting to know Taylor and hearing about her creative endeavours...

To help you to get to know Taylor we caught up with her with some quick-fire questions…

Name and Instagram handle?

Taylor @taylorjadesimpson

Favourite piece in store currently?

So many to choose from I couldn’t confidently pick one! I love the LRNCE table runners- a dinner party dream addition.

One thing you can’t leave the house without?

A water bottle - always thirsty!

Best interior colour pairing?

Hard one! I have a lot of colour combinations that I love. A winner for me is pale pinky & brown earthy tones.

Dream home location?

Somewhere warm and by the sea. I grew up by the sea so definitely feel very at peace when by the water.

What’s something for the home you definitely didn’t need but bought anyway?

A beautiful ceramic lamp. Although some would say I didn’t need it, I would say otherwise. I am quite thrifty with my homeware purchases, I don’t often splurge out on big expensive things. I collect things over time and there’s always a justification to buy something you love in my eyes!

How’ve you found staying inside this year?

Not been too hard. Missed normality but I like being at home in my space surrounded by my things. I like hosting so if I could have stayed in but had friends over that would have suited me well!

Describe your ideal homely atmosphere. Smells, feels, looks…

Has to have good lighting & be warm! My ideal homely atmosphere is tidy and lit by low lamp lighting, soft furnishings with texture and detail, warm colours, shelving & surfaces displaying ceramics, plants, candles & artwork.

Any creative hobbies you’ve found to do in the house during lockdown?

I love making things and tend to usually have a creative hobby on the go- I am currently trying my hand at making raffia lampshades. Not so much a hobby but throughout lockdown, I was lucky to be able to continue my other job. Throughout lockdown, myself & my brother worked from home and designed a womenswear collection - @sfcwomenswear

What’s your favourite room in the home and why?

Depends on my mood but I think it has to be my bedroom. I live with others and whilst we are all pretty house proud, the bedroom is a space I can make my own and add whatever I like to it without thinking about others. Lucky for me my partner is happy with whatever I do to it so our bedroom is mostly an interior space for myself. I am also moving house in July and cannot wait to start fresh and have a big kitchen with a dining table and room to display my glassware.
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One thing to make your living room the ultimate cosy space?

Good lighting & fairly tidy. I can’t relax amongst too much clutter and mess!

Any type of houseplant you haven’t managed to kill?

I don’t have particularly green fingers but (most of) my plants survive. I recently moved my ivy plant into the bathroom and it seems to be thriving!

Any favourite go-to dishes for a quick weekday meal?

For dinner, my go-to is a quick homemade healthy curry or stir-fry. I am vegan so I eat a lot of tofu and vegetables in different ways and I drizzle tahini on almost anything.

What supply in your house is running low?

I have a soda stream but can never remember to buy new canisters.

What’s a stand-out piece of furniture or interior object from your childhood?

My dad's house is full of amazing Chinese and southeast Asian furniture, decor & antiques from his life travelling & living in Hong Kong. He has so many to choose from but a stand out is his large life-size Buddha that sits in his hallway.

Worst ever interior trend/personal pet hate?

Crushed velvet and diamontes are a no from me. I really don’t like houses that have an all-grey/ silver theme. Not into faux fur pillows/ blankets either.

Favourite thing to do inside?

I love having family and friends around. I also love switching things up and rearranging spaces to give rooms a new look and feel.

If you had to choose a cold or hot place to live, what would you choose?

Hot! Not unbearably hot but I don’t deal with the cold very well.

And lastly, Messy or Clean?!

Clean! I can’t relax in a messy space. Although I am not the most organised person, my drawers and cupboards would tell a different story.

We asked Taylor for her favourite items from the store, and here's what she picked...

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