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World of A New Tribe // Journal

  • A New Tribe Atelier

    A New Tribe Atelier
    At A New Tribe we are constantly evolving and discovering beautiful new objects and design brands through the extensive sourcing that we do around the world. Through this we found that we needed a platform for the higher-end objects that we find - which are often suited to larger spaces. This is how our A New Tribe Atelier collection came to be, and we couldn’t be prouder to introduce you all to our premium selection of rugs, sculptural pieces and statement ceramics.
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  • Exploring Marrakech // A New Tribe's Guide

    Exploring Marrakech // A New Tribe's Guide

    Our trips to Morocco are always a highlight... From the vibrant, buzzing souks of Marrakech by day,  catching up with friends and colleagues over a mint tea, to watching tranquil sunsets as they fall gently behind the palm trees at night. Our most recent trip to Marrakech was extra special, as it was the first opportunity that we had to return in just over two years. We thought it would be nice to share our inside tips of our favourite destinations, restaurants, and places to stay.

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