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Marrakech By Day a new tribe on a wooden table

Travel with us through scent to Marrakech // The story behind our bespoke line of scented candles ‘Marrakech by Day’ and ‘Marrakech by Night’...

It’s no secret that our lives revolve around the stories that we create - life is a beautiful tapestry of the people we meet, memories we make, and the places that we visit. These stories are often documented through our senses, in particular the sense of smell, which can poignantly link scents to positive memories and experiences.

At A New Tribe, we have had the joy of visiting many different countries and cultures when looking for new artisans and designers to represent in the store. One place in particular that consumes our senses is Marrakech. As well as being breathtaking visually, we have also catalogued scents that remind us of fond memories from our trips there - such as the smell of the orange blossom in the spring, the musky souks at night time, and the fresh clean air in the atlas mountains. These captivating scents, in turn, are exactly what inspired us to create our own.


            Marrakech By Day a new tribe       Marrakech By Day a new tribe     

A New Tribe’s signature scents: Marrakech by Day and Marrakech by Night first came to life back in 2015, to coincide with launching our very first Berber rug designs. At this time, we sold our products through various pop-ups, before later opening our first physical store on Chatsworth Road. This was an exciting time for A New Tribe, as we honed our niche as a brand. We developed our signature scents, with the intention for these to be sold as an accompaniment to our Moroccan Rugs, and so as to provide customers with a unique sensory experience so that they too could experience the wonders of Morocco from their own homes.

The developmental phase of our first own brand-scented products was an exciting one. We enlisted the expertise of Earl of East London (the masters of home fragrance) to help bring our vision for each scent to life. Our friends Paul & Niko founded Earl of East in 2014, and embarked on their journey as a new business at a similar time to us. They began developing and selling their own range of groundbreaking scents from prototypes made in their very own flat, which is where we worked with them to proudly produce A New Tribe's hand-poured candles. Today, they own two magnificent stores located in Kings Cross and Redchurch Street, have over 230 stockists, and sell their extensive, best-selling fragrances worldwide. 


Marrakech By Day

Marrakech By Day a new tribe

And now to explore our candle scents: Marrakech by Day has been designed to capture the freshness and tranquillity that envelops the Atlas Mountains in Morocco; it's a mirage of the serenity that we have experienced on our trips there. Subtle notes of bergamot, pine, fresh pear and sandalwood have been combined to allow you to focus on the now, gently awakening the senses as you do so.

Hand-poured in London using soy wax - 220ml.


Marrakech by Night

Marrakech By Day a new tribe

Next is the enticing scent diffused from our Marrakech by Night candle: specially formulated to evoke the lively, ambient atmosphere within the souks of Marrakesh at dusk. Here, warm notes of woodsmoke and clove have been blended with cut green stems and jasmine to help capture the joyful, electrifying feeling ignited here.

Hand-poured in London using soy wax - 220ml.

Marrakech By Day a new tribe         Marrakech By Day a new tribe perfume

Recently relaunched in fresh new packaging to sit perfectly amongst our ever-evolving store offering, our Marrakech by Day and by Marrakech by Night candles come in a frosted midnight blue glass vessel, which also compliments the flame diffused from within it after lighting. We have carefully designed these candles for all the dreamers, creators, and escapists alike.