Our Tribe // Meet Our Team // Barbara

Barbara at a new tribe on hackney road standing next to a moroccan rug

Meet Barbara

The longest standing member of our team, plant & wellness enthusiast

To help you to get to know Barbara we caught up with her with some quick fire questions…

Name and Instagram handle?

Barbara @wellwithbarb

Favourite piece in store currently?

The 'Rue De La Liberte' candle by Moroccan Brand Cote Bougie.

One thing you can’t leave the house without?

Keys, so I can get back in!

Best interior colour pairing?

Orange/ earthy tones and greens.

Dream home location?

Luxor, Egypt; Or anywhere hot, sunny, full of tropical fruits and water -  so like Mauritius/Reunion islands.

What’s something for the home you definitely didn’t need but bought anyway?

The Rue De La Liberte candle by Cote Bougie...I am obsessed!

How’ve you found staying inside this year?

I loved it...it's been a beautiful time of growth and introspection, a sacred time for slowing down, reconnecting with nature, and being more intentional with my energy.

Describe your ideal homely atmosphere. Smells, feels, looks…

Natural feels, open, spacious and close to nature. The smell of fresh breeze and the sea mixed with the earthy note of incense.

Any creative hobbies you’ve found to do in the house during lockdown?

Nothing new, however, I got to finish the many million projects that I started a while ago. Finally built the low-seat Japanese joinery table that I designed a while ago, and I finished my giant squishy floor cushions. Plus baking more!

You're allowed to pick one Moroccan rug from the store, which is it going to be?

Rug 0679 -A peach-toned vintage Boujad rug with a haphazard diamond pattern.
Barbara a new tribe vintage boujad rug
What's your favourite room in the home and why?

My own room as I live in a house share

Any type of houseplant you haven’t managed to kill?

I actually never killed a houseplant

One thing to make your living room the ultimate cosy space?

If I had one it would be to make it spacious and light with floor cushions.

Any favourite go-to dishes for a quick weekday meal?

Red lentils with fresh ginger, turmeric, and 'ras el hanut', plus steamed okra is a bonus.

What supply in your house is running low?

Toilet paper.

Worst ever interior trend/personal pet hate?

Most of the 1-3 bedroom luxury apartments in London.

If you had to choose a cold or hot place to live, what would you choose?


And lastly, Messy or Clean?!

Clean, but like clean clean :D

We asked Barbara for her favourite items from the store, and here's what she picked...

Barbara a new tribe colourful ceramic vase
Barbara a new tribe bag
Barbara a new tribe ceramics