• Projects // The Conduit Club Rug Installation

    Projects // The Conduit Club Rug Installation
    The Conduit Club is a beautifully designed socially conscious members club in central London which opened in 2018. A New Tribe were asked to source twelve vintage Boucherouite rugs which were then patch-worked & sewn together to create a huge rug for the central space in the cafe room on the 5th Floor. The result - the biggest rug we have ever been involved in creating which looks perfect in it’s surroundings.
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  • Collaborations // ‘Totem’ with Kana London

    Collaborations // ‘Totem’ with Kana London
    A collaboration between Kana London and A New Tribe, inspired by the sculptural nature of the totem pole combined with organic shapes seen in African architecture, ‘Totem’ is a collection of one of a kind pieces which celebrate this. ‘Totem’ combines the signature techniques of Kana London using their raw clay and glaze combinations, whilst playing on A New Tribe’s love of sculptural form and pattern.
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  • Projects // Damien Poulain Window Design

    Projects // Damien Poulain Window Design
    In March 2017 we renamed our store ‘A New Tribe’ and wanted to do something to celebrate this. We collaborated with French artist Damien Poulain who used to live around the corner from our shop on Chatsworth Road, who created and hand-painted this incredible tribal artwork onto our windows.
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  • Collaborations // Kana X The Rug Trade

    Collaborations // Kana X The Rug Trade
    KANA LONDON produce beautiful, experimental ceramics and are based not far from our shop in East London. Founded by Ana Kerin, the KANA ethos turns its back on traditional ceramic techniques, and instead Ana creates her own recipes for glazes and hand builds each piece for individuality, resulting in ceramics...
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