Exploring Marrakech // A New Tribe's Guide

Exploring Marrakech // A New Tribe's Guide
Our trips to Morocco are always a highlight... From the vibrant, buzzing souks of Marrakech by day, catching up with friends and colleagues over a mint tea, to watching tranquil sunsets as they fall gently behind the palm trees at night. Our most recent trip to Marrakech was extra special, as it was the first opportunity that we had to return in just over two years. We thought it would be nice to share our inside tips of our favourite destinations, restaurants, and places to stay.

A New Tribe's go to places

Here's our guide to our absolute must sees and stays when visiting areas around Marrakech, and tips on how to navigate through the beautiful chaos of it all. Embracing all of the sights and sounds when walking through the city is a must, and on your typical day walking through the Medina these consist of; choirs of birdsong in the morning, followed by carts dashing by, vendors selling bread and fruit along the sides of windy paths, broken up by a peaceful lunch on an idyllic roof garden terrace… and then back to the wonderful mayhem of it all.

Each photograph documenting our trip has been artfully captured by Barbara Bazso - our talented, and longest standing A New Tribe team member.

Riad Samsara


         There are so many beautiful Riads to stay in when visiting Marrakech, but our true home away from home is at Riad Samsara. Ideally located to discover Marrakech, Riad Samsara is based in the old Medina. On arrival, you will be met with open arms and mint tea before being guided to the privacy of your own beautiful suite. Expect a truly authentic stay, filled with fine crafts, log fires, marble bathrooms and an exquisite courtyard with its very own rose fountain. Here, you will also have the opportunity to indulge in delicious Moroccan cuisine, including authentic dishes inspired by ancestors of the past.

If you are really looking to embrace the Marrakesh way of life, and be amongst local people at home with tradition, then we really could not recommend Riad Samsara more. Each time we stay here, we are welcomed so warmly, and it feels as though we are meeting with long lost relatives each time when coming back.


Moroccan cuisine not only tastes delicious, it also represents a blend of different cultures due to different settlements over time there. Dishes have been influenced by cultures such as Berber, Middle Eastern, Arab, Jewish, Iberian and Mediterranean African - meaning that their signature dishes are truly unique, and are a real celebration of diversity. Here is a selection of our favourite restaurants that we visit every time that we're in Marrakech, so that you can experience this magic too…



This roof top restaurant is right in the middle of the Medina, and is right next to the Souks De Tapis (Rug Souks) - which makes it the most perfect rest-bite if you've been exploring the souks. The second floor opens out onto a sunny terrace, and the food is delicious - a contemporary take on traditional Moroccan cuisine. Perfect for lunch or dinner. 

Cafe Atay


The ideal place for a chilled out lunch - Cafe Atay is a low key spot with another charming roof terrace, offering a fantastic view of Marrakech’s iconic skyline. Here, you can sightsee over the Atlas Mountains and Mosques whilst indulging in exciting Moroccan delicacies.

Speaking of delicacies, we would definitely recommend the Chicken Pastilla dish (pictured above, middle) should you chose to visit Cafe Atay. This masterpiece is made from a thin crispy pastry shell stuffed with saffron chicken and almonds, before being topped with cinnamon and icing sugar - it is unlike anything that we've ever tasted!

La Famille


If you’re looking to dine in an enchanting garden, under the shade of fragrant lemon trees then look no further. La Famille serves the most delicious vegetarian lunches, using ultra fresh ingredients picked from the markets - and it even has it’s own boutique corner which offers a pretty selection of decorative accessories.

Stores and Souks


When sourcing for A New Tribe, it is so important to consider our core beliefs as a brand when we introduce new products into store. The objects, and globally sourced pieces that we share with our community will always possess a unique story, true authenticity, and spirit. We carry these beliefs with us on our visits to Marrakech, and thoroughly enjoy exploring the souks there to discover different artisans, and one off pieces to sell in store.

As well as navigating through the wonderful labyrinth of alleyways, we always love to pop into more permanent stores found in the Medina, both new and familiar. Have a look below to discover some of our favourites from our recent trip.



It’s always so inspiring when visiting the LRNCE Studio when in Marrakesh, and we love catching up with founders Laurence and Ayoub alongside their wonderful team, to see what they have been up to in their studio in Sidi Ghanem. As you can see, their showroom is full of one off pieces that have been curated to perfection - from their handmade vessels and plates, to soft furnishings, and finely crafted furniture pieces.

We have been stocking LRNCE’s beautiful works in store for some time now, and many of our tribe will be very familiar with their distinct, and abstract ceramics sold in store. Take a look at their Hand Painted Abstract Vases, Abstract Cups, 'Hafla' Ceramic Hand Painted Glasses, and Hand Painted Bottle Vase that are available from us both online and in store.

Cote Bougie


Cote Bougie is a family run, artisanal candle brand that is also based in Sidi Ghanem. Their scented candles evoke the rich landscapes of Morocco, paying homage to local artisans and their age old techniques. It was our first time visiting their showroom on our visit in October, so it was amazing to see what the team get up to behind the scenes, and learn a little bit more about their production process.

Each candle from Cote Bougie is presented in a beautiful vessel, usually in pottery form. The ceramics used for each vessel are also handmade by artisans, using varying techniques to add an endless amount of character and soul to your candle - which doubles up as beautiful decorative pot after once burned. The terracotta candles that we sell in store are inspired by the rich red colours found in the buildings of Marrakech, and in Cote Bougie’s own words ‘help you keep a warm atmosphere while preserving the gentleness of traditional work.’ Shop our 'Rue De La Liberté' Candle'Rue Yves Saint Laurent' Candle and 'Jamaa El Fna' Candle online or in store and fall in love with them just as we have.

Marrakshi Life

Peaking into each step of the process - Marrakshi Life handcraft each of their pieces right here at their headquarters in Sidi Ghanem.

Marrakshi Life is an amazing clothing store, also found in the Sidi Ghanem district. Their clothes embrace comfort and craftsmanship, and take inspiration from key style elements found in the traditional Moroccan wardrobe. They weave all of their materials in house, and manufacture everything at their headquarters here too; sourcing raw cotton material from Egypt, before being dyed in the signature Marrakshi Life colour palette in Morocco. Marrakshi Life leaves no stone unturned, and the brand is always sure to pay close attention to each stage within the making process; from design concept, to the manufacturing process, making careful consideration to sustainability as they go… we love their forward thinking approach. Not to mention their beautiful, distinctive creations!


Shopping in the Souks


If you are interested in adding truly authentic, meaningful objects to your home then we would highly recommend visiting the Souks in Morocco. There are so many amazing crafts on offer there, and also the opportunity to meet incredible artisans behind each of the handmade pieces that may have caught your eye. The items found here really tell a story through their craft, and put us in touch with the people behind them, which we think is the most beautiful sentiment.

Have a look at a few of the Souks that we visited on our trip below, where we found some incredible one off treasures to share with you in store.

Souk De Tapis

The A New Tribe team sourcing from a never ending pile of beautiful rug designs
Ella Jones (Left) and Barbara Bazso (right)

The Souk De Tapis (Rug Souks) are always worth visiting when in Marrakech. Right here, you will get lost in a sea of beautiful handmade rugs, proudly displayed in all shapes, sizes and colours - made from materials that have originated from the Atlas Mountains.  We are always in awe of each rug’s bold and eye-catching designs, from their intricate geometric patterns, to flashes of colour that have been dyed, and woven into them by hand. This is a place where you could easily lose hours of your time in what seems like minutes!

Dyers Souk



Marrakech’s vibrant Souk Des Teinturiers (Dyers Souk) truly is a sight to behold. Here you will be met with an abundance of brightly coloured wool, dyed and sold by skilled artisans that have been honing their craft for over a hundred years. Over this time, they have produced wonderful pigments from natural materials, such as flowers, plants, vegetables and minerals. These dyes are then used to produce other goods to sell, such as silk, leather, rugs, and a multitude of other textiles.
One of the most beautiful things to note about the dying process, is that it has stayed the same, and has never changed or faltered over the years. Be prepared for the most wonderful shock to the senses when visiting!

We truly could talk about the wonders of Marrakech for a lifetime, and each time we return we discover something new. Have a look at a few more snapshots from our trip below, captured by A New Tribe’s very own Barbara Bazso