HoodMor x A New Tribe // Making Faces

HoodMor x A New Tribe // Making Faces

A New Tribe collaborates with HoodMor to launch a multi-disciplinary collection of rugs and ceramics. As the name suggests, we have quite literally been 'Making Faces', bringing to life a collection of pieces that reflect the curiosities of the human expression, inspired by the act of searching for faces in everyday objects. ‘Making Faces’ is a collection comprised of three abstract designs, imagined and brought to life by skilled artist Nicola Morland. The three faces that make up this intriguing crew are encapsulated perfectly by their names; ‘Dazed’, ‘Hungover’ and ‘Fearless’, and are available in the form three statement plates - beautifully made and handcrafted by ceramicist Libby Hood, in accompaniment with three unique rug designs, expertly handwoven by our network of Moroccan Artisans. The delicate, bespoke nature of the design process found in the production of each limited edition piece means that no one is the same, making them the perfect addition to add to your ever growing art collection.  

hoodmor a new tribe collaboration plates blue background

Meet our statement plates (from left to right): 'Fearless' 'Hungover' and 'Dazed'.

Statement Plates

If you’re looking to inject a dose of dopamine and personality into your space, our new Making Faces plate designs may be the perfect fit. Each design 'Dazed', 'Hungover', or 'Fearless' is available in two different sizes, (Medium/Large) and can be used both functionally, and decoratively within your interior. These hand crafted plates have been made in London by ceramicist Libby Hood, and each plate has been hand-carved, painted, and exclusively numbered, by Nicola Morland.

Our Making Faces plates would look great as art pieces hung on the wall, as well as being beautiful pieces for your table tops. They are substantial in size and weight, and each plate is part of a limited run and is numbered on the back.

Medium Plate - 23cm x 23cm x 2.5cm approx - Limited run of 30

Large Plate/Platter - 32cm x 32cm x 3cm approx - Limited run of 15


hoodmor a new tribe collaboration

A beautiful tablescape of the 'Making Faces' collection, framed with a backdrop of the Fearless Rug. All images shot by Kane Hulse


Nicola Morland’s figurative designs also feature on the three rugs within the Making Faces collaboration, and have been hand crafted by artisans in Morocco who have brought each face to life, complimenting the ceramic pieces beautifully. These one of a kind masterpieces are exclusively limited to x5 of each design, with each rug being the weavers own interpretation of Morland's design. These statement rugs would take centre stage in any room, framing any style spot to perfection. Take a closer look at each design below to see which would be the perfect fit for your space:


The ‘Fearless’ rug (top) features a linear design in black, taupe, sky blue and lime, on a cream base - perfect for any minimalist that would like to inject a splash of colour into a room. If a monochromatic colour palette is at the heart of your style, take a look at the ‘Hungover’ (left) and ‘Dazed’ (right) rug styles - each featuring Nicola’s signature linear designs in black on a cream base.


Born from lockdown conversations between two friends and ex-colleagues, HoodMor is a collaboration between Libby Hood and Nicola Morland. Their work is focused on creating functional homeware pieces with unique playful personalities.

Working from a shared studio space in East London, they bring together different creative backgrounds - Libby from the interiors world and Nicola from branding. Libby and Nicola have collaborated on several successful projects together, and you may remember them from their previous works stocked proudly at A New Tribe - ranging from their beautiful Portrait Plates, Auguste Mini Dishes and Gustave Candle Holders. Their work is becoming widely recognised within the homewares and interiors realm, and we hope that A New Tribe’s involvement in the Making Faces collection becomes the first of many.


HoodMor x A New Tribe Making Faces - Libby Hood (left) Ella Jones (middle) and Nicola Morland (right) shot in the HoodMor studio by Kane Hulse

For an exclusive look at the HoodMor x A New Tribe 'Making Faces' collection - join us in store from the 17th - 25th of September, and see our incredible installation of the collection in its entirety as part of the Shoreditch Design Triangle 2022. We hope to see you there!