A New Tribe Atelier

A New Tribe Atelier


At A New Tribe we are constantly evolving and discovering beautiful new objects and design brands through the extensive sourcing that we do around the world. Through this we found that we needed a platform for the higher-end objects that we find - which are often suited to larger spaces. This is how our A New Tribe Atelier collection came to be, and we couldn’t be prouder to introduce you all to our premium selection of rugs, sculptural pieces and statement ceramics.




Our new Atelier range has been expertly curated, and is focused towards clients looking to add exceptional objects to sizeable residences, and commercial spaces. This collection features artisanal treasures gathered from around the world, and includes larger scale antique Moroccan rugs, premium oversized statement pieces and distinct handmade ceramics. Our Atelier platform introduces new and ethereal artisans such as RRRES, NATASCHA MADEISKI and MEMÒRI, and is ever expanding as we continue to network globally. This range has been collated to help those on the look out for show stopping articles, and we are certain that you will find the unique piece that is missing from your own personal gallery. 





Left: Woven Palm Baskets

Right: 'Contradictory 01' and 'Contradictory 02' vases.

RRRES is a Mexican design house, founded by Javier Reyes, a graphic designer originally from the Dominican Republic. The brand predominantly develops textile pieces, heavily inspired by minimalist design with a specific focus towards abstract shapes, lines, and delicate handwoven elements.

Javier works and lives alongside many artisans and indigenous communities, and draws inspiration from their traditions, beliefs and cultures. They are an essential part of the makeup of the brand, and help to develop products by emulating their unique, traditional techniques. Working in this way allows RRRES to share the wonders of the Latin American heritage with their community, as each piece tells an important story about the maker’s background. 


Natascha Madeiski: Terazzo Vase in Pink

Natascha Madeiski was born in Bolzano, Italy, and is a multidisciplinary designer. Her passion for experimenting with materials and their unique manipulation often results in interesting works that are presented as both experimental, and functional. Projects also take great inspiration from her architectural background, as she fuses elements between industrial fabrication, and handmade processes. Her pieces possess a raw yet refined aesthetic, and fit into our Atelier collection effortlessly. 


Memòri 'Hjra' Table Lamp


Memori studio is based in Marseille France, is a brand built on the devotion of remarkable traditions and craftsmanship that have been honed over time in a particular territory. In their own words - they aim to revive the memory of unique savoir-faire, arts & craft.

The studio is small in scale, and produces limited quantities to promote a sustainable future, using only raw materials that have been naturally dyed, or antiqued natural fabrics. This ultimately results in finely crafted, one of kind pieces that are extremely beautiful and exclusive in nature. 

A New Tribe Atelier is a proud space dedicated to premium treasures, and can be accessed online and in our store. Through the Atelier we can also offer a bespoke sourcing service for larger projects, and will be happy to discuss trade enquiries with interior designers looking to offer high end pieces to their clients.