Riad Throw // Printed Goods x A New Tribe

the riad throw x a new tribe in london outdoors, concrete background

When the magic of an idea comes to life and exceeds expectations - it's a great feeling. This is exactly what we experienced with our brand new addition in store, the Riad Throw: a collaborative project made possible with the help of Printed Goods, and their creative genius.

The brief for the project was Inspired by our love for Morocco’s vibrant landscapes, the architecture within the city, and the rich earthy tones that envelop the region. The final design reflects each theme that we wanted to include, and honours the Atlas Mountains’ captivating vista, the sunset in Morocco at dusk, and the palm trees gently waving in the wind. Printed Goods expertly brought this vision to life, and we are happy and honoured to share their exclusive design in store, that was made especially for us, and for you - our amazing A New Tribe community. 

Brothers Raphael and George Greaves in the Printed Goods studio 

Printed Goods are a creative collaborative project, founded by twin brothers Raphael and George Greaves. Their shared love of art is what fuels each design within their collection, as they believe that art can - and should - enrich everyday experiences. Each piece reflects their signature illustrative style, and is also inspired by classical mythology, symbolism and archetypes. Many that follow us will already know that at A New Tribe, we too value the brilliance of art and the many different forms that it takes, the people that inspire it, and the huge role that it plays within our lives. For this reason, when the opportunity arose to work with Printed Goods on this project - we were all in.


As the Riad Throw is the embodiment of both nature, and architecture combined - we knew that the location of our photoshoot needed to be chosen carefully, and that it should also share these elements. Our quest to find the perfect backdrop started, and soon ended as we came across the most amazing spots. Above, you can see our blanket captured perfectly by photographer Kane Hulse, within the overgrown, yet tranquil setting of Hampstead Pergola. We feel that the composition of the throw compliments its surroundings perfectly - and echos the juxtaposition of linear shapes against more organic ones, found within nature. 

The Riad Throw captured in Rowley Way, Camden. All Photo's shot by the talented Kane Hulse 

The destination for our next shoot was chosen with a similar mindset - however we travelled in time on our magic carpet, and transported ourselves from the Edwardian era, to the Mid-Century; surrounding ourselves with brutalist design. Rowley way is an extraordinary street in Camden, consisting of high rise homes designed by renowned architect Neave Brown. The imaginative nature of its buildings instil wonder and intrigue onto passers by, which is a sentiment that we strive for when selecting products for our own store. With this notion in mind, we hope that this can be replicated within your own home, finding the perfect spot to showcase it.