Perspectives // Conversations between the Sand and Sky

Perspectives // Conversations between the Sand and Sky

Our latest Collaboration created with incredible ceramicist Sophie Alda, is inspired by the pink sands found in the Moroccan deserts and on the dusty paths that surround the souks, and the different perspectives that can been seen as these pink sands meet the blue skies at different points throughout the day - from dawn until dusk. This exclusive collection consists of five dreamy vessels; each embodying their very own conversation between the sand and sky through varying shapes, patterns and colours. 

Based in Bristol (and previously Hackney), Sophie Alda is a ceramicist that we have worked with and loved for a long time at A New Tribe. Sophie's works are truly authentic, as she showcases her identity through styles and techniques that she has perfected over the years. It has been a pleasure to see our very own ‘Perspectives’ collaboration with her flourish, and come to life as a ceramic collection.   

 Meet the whole collection: Perspectives: conversations between the Sand and Sky. All photo's captured by the brilliant Kane Hulse

The conversations between the Sand and Sky is a key theme throughout the collection, and Sophie Alda helped us to translate these conversations, allowing us to explore different viewpoints and perspectives of these elements, and celebrate them in ceramic form. Throughout the collection, you will see how Sophie has applied signature shapes and colours with an added twist - as we worked with her to develop our own unique language for the conversations taking place through each piece. Let us interpret each conversation, and introduce you to each piece belonging to the collection in more detail. 


'Horizon' Vases

The 'Horizon' Vases from the collection explore splitting the pieces horizontally, sold in two variations with the smaller rocket shaped vase (left) featuring a pink upper and blue lower half, whilst the larger vase with handles (right) inverts these colours, displaying a blue upper half with a pink base. 

We wanted the rocket vase to echo the pink sand dunes at sunrise, with the deep blue skies peeking through the dunes. In contrast, the larger vessel complete with handles symbolises a peaceful, pink hue cast over the sand by the evening sun, as the blue sky darkens at sunset. Sophie Alda expertly helped us when capturing the essence of these tones through various samples and glaze tests - hand painting the finished formula onto each piece with utmost precision.


'Meet in the Middle' Vase

Our 'Meet in the Middle' vase shows a completely different perspective, as the piece splits into quarters, indicating a central meeting point where the corners connect. This design symbolises the otherworldly feel present when observing the soft twilight of the sky, as different colours settle and merge together at a time that falls in-between sunrise, and sunset.

This diamond shaped vase with chunky handles is made from pink clay, with sections of a hand applied matte blue outer glaze. These vases then have an internal clear gloss glaze making them both functional for use with water/cut-flowers, as well as beautiful sculptural stand-alone pieces in their own right. 


'Align' Vases

Our ‘Align’ Vases make our Perspectives collection complete - as the vertical divide symbolises a  split of light, present just before the sun disappears below the shoreline for the evening. This etherial light is reminder to align our senses, as we prepare for a brand new day ahead. These designs are available both in the small vase with handles, and the bottle vase shape.

The daily, visual conversations had between the Sand and Sky in Morocco are always ones that intrigue us on our visits. The way in which different colours and elements unite, creating different narratives as day travels into night is nothing short of extraordinary. We wanted to dedicate a collection to this sentiment, and explore different perspectives / viewpoints as to how they interact and merge with each other - as these are conversations that we will never get bored of.