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How to inject texture and tactility into your space

Wall hangings bring a uniquely soft tactility to a space, that differs from traditional artwork. Rather than lying flat and two-dimensional, wall hangings add depth and texture to a room. From tapestry-type blankets to more three-dimensional worked pieces, there’s a movement toward hanging textiles, artefacts and objects on our walls. With the art of craft making a big resurgence - designers, makers and home crafters are creating beautiful, haphazard pieces that are a far cry from mass-produced art. 

It’s not just texture and depth that wall hangings offer - they’re also a clever way to add a splash of colour to a neutral space. Rather than creating a feature wall by painting it one solid block colour, hang up a richly coloured blanket or rug to compliment the other colours in your space. For even more impact, opt for a wall hanging in a completely contrasting colour to its background.

Wondering which room is best suited to showcase your wall hanging? They’re versatile enough to hang in any room of your choice, depending on the size and texture of your hanging and the impact you want to create. Show-stopping pieces are best hung in larger spaces to create a unique focal point, whereas smaller textured pieces are best suited to add cosy warmth to a bedroom. If you’ve got a long horizontal running piece, these are perfect as a talking point in a hallway or entrance into your home.

Wall hangings are a great way to introduce a huge piece of art into your home - without the costly price tag or intimidating investment of a large-scale painting. A beautiful, detailed wall hanging adds something thoughtful and hand-crafted into your space, and also supports independent designers rather than buying a mass-produced item. It can provide the perfect talking point in any room, and softens your home with its texture and tactility.

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LRNCE Wall Hanging via Casa Pineta

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BFGF Wall Hanging via House & Garden

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Huiswerk Hanging for 'Tasseled' Collaboration

How to hang your wall hanging

One of the most important things about adding your new piece to your home is ensuring you hang it correctly. Choosing how to hang your wall hanging can enhance the effect you wish to have.

Our recommended ways to hang textiles on your walls are -

  • Tacking your rug directly to the wall ensures it hangs seamlessly flat and is the perfect option for a mid to lightweight hanging. We like to use small brass nail tacks with a small head, and recommend planning and measuring where these need to go on the wall first before hammering them in, and then wriggle your piece over the nail heads once these are in the wall. This way you won’t damage your textile piece. We recommend at least five nail tacks along the top of the piece for a flattering effect.
  • For heavier and larger wall hangings, creating a channel across the top of your piece and putting a pole through this will keep the piece secure and still achieve a flat finish.
  • The textile piece can be trapped between two pieces of wood which are then attached directly to the wall, which is a good way of displaying your hanging if you want it to sit a bit further away from the wall. Using a pole with hooks is a unique way to create more of a draped relaxed look.
  • Finally, framing your wall hanging is a classic way to create a dramatic, eye-catching impact.

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Tacked with nails

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Channel with pole

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Trap between wood

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Hang with hooks and pole

wall hanging nude a new tribe