Hand Crafted Sculptural Vases

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Sculptural limited edition earthenware vases with unique detailing by IBKKI, with special glazes developed using a mix of different oxides. Handcrafted in collaboration with local artisans in the Djurdjura region in Algeria, all handles, glazing and finishing is by IBKKI. These vases have been fired and glazed several times in order to obtain the different colour effects and depth perception.

IBKKI is a studio imagined by traveller and designer friends Azel and Youri. Based in Paris, and inspired by and hand crafted in Numidia - an ancient kingdom in North Africa which was a former land of the Berber people - where Azel is originally from. Azel and Youri create their collections by working in residencies with local artisans in Africa - learning from them whilst not imposing themselves. They take an apprentice approach in order to master the local processes, being humble to the craftsmanship to create something as pure and authentic as possible. Each limited collection takes 5-8 months to produce.

Tall Blue ‘Azrem’ Vase - 26cm high x 12cm at widest point - Only 8 pieces of this design were produced

Tall Peach ‘Kebbu’ Vase - 29cm x 14cm at widest point - Only 2 pieces of this design were produced

Small Cream ‘Asem’ Vase - 18cm x 11cm at widest point - Only 4 pieces of this design were produced