Natascha Madeiski

Terrazzo Vase in Pink

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The A New Tribe Atelier collection of ceramics features this beautiful large porcelain one-of-a-kind vase by multidisciplinary artist Natascha Madeiski. Madeiski crafts her own 'terrazzo' clay by pre making coloured sections using a marbling technique, which are later integrated into the slip casting process to blend with the main body. Each vase only reveals its colours unique patterns after being sanded down.

Natascha Madeiski works on the fine line between experimental and functional objects. Her studio produces unique handcrafted collectible design objects as well as collaborating with design brands.

Dimensions: Coming Soon

Natascha Madeiski's ceramics from the Atelier collection are currently in the shop and available to be viewed at 273 Hackney Road during shop opening hours, and is also available to be ordered online for delivery within 2-4 working days.