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'Sine Wave' Vases

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'Sine Wave' flower vases, from the latest 'Heat Wave' collection by Potato Shop. Potato Shop create 3D printed objects made from fermented plant starches also known as PLA. These vases are not only functional but are also better for the planet + guaranteed to make you happy :)

The ‘Heat Wave’ collection is inspired by our collective summer memories. It’s the shared sunsets. It’s the warm summer nights spent stargazing. It’s the splash of water by the pool. It’s the mirage on a road trip and more. These moments may be fleeting, the memories might seem distant and invisible, yet they transform us. ‘Heat Wave’ is the frequency of the heart, the invisible made visible. Let yourself be carried to magical landscapes, as we bring the heat and the water to the oasis.

Potato Shop uses additive manufacturing to create their products that are not only super fun but also extra kind to the planet. All of their products are made to order to eliminate unnecessary waste.


Dimensions: 21cm x 11cm