Sophie Alda x A New Tribe

'Horizon' Vases

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A New Tribe collaborates with ceramicist Sophie Alda in this latest collection 'Perspectives: Conversations between the Sand & Sky'. Playing with Sophie Alda's signature shapes and colours, 'Perspectives' explores different viewpoints and relationships of these elements, with the pink reminiscent of the Moroccan pink sands, and the blue representing the sky.

These 'Horizon' Vases from the collection explore splitting the pieces horizontally, with the smaller rocket shaped vase featuring a pink upper and blue lower half, whilst the larger vase with handles has a blue upper with a pink base.

Made from pink clay with sections of hand applied matte blue outer glaze, these vases then have an internal clear gloss glaze making them both functional for use with water/cut-flowers, as well as beautiful sculptural stand-alone pieces in their own right. 

Based in Bristol (and previously Hackney), Sophie Alda is a ceramicist that we have worked with and loved for a long time at A New Tribe, and it has been a pleasure to see this collaboration come to life.


Rocket Vase - 19 cm high x 11cm at widest point approx

Large Vase with Handles - 24.5cm high x 24.5cm at widest point of handles approx