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Moroccan Terracotta Glazed Deep Lunch Plates

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The perfect lunch sized plate that you didn't know you need! Picture this - you've friends coming over for lunch (or lets face it, you're not hosting but have made a delicious salad lunch), and your dinner plate is too large and makes the salad look empty, but a side plate is too small... thats when these deep lunch plates step in! If you're anything like us we guarantee you won't look back... This plate will elevate your salad to Mediterranean lunching dreams!! Disclaimer - this plate is also great for other foods too, it doesn't need to be kept exclusive for your salads ;-)

These pieces are traditionally hand-made in Morocco from glazed terracotta earthenware clay. Rustic in finish - there may be natural imperfections and irregular markings to these pieces, due to the handmade nature. We think this adds to the charm.

Dimensions - 23cm wide x 4cm high approx.

We recommend hand-washing this item.

Please note - As these plates are only glazed on the top side, they are slightly porous and food can create condensation on the underside of the plates. Please use with a table mat if your table is of a delicate nature.