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Moroccan Glazed Terracotta Large Fruit/Cous Cous Dishes

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Large glazed terracotta serving dish or fruit platter... Traditionally these dishes are used to serve cous-cous in Morocco, but we love them to both keep and display fruit and vegetables. Grand in size and simple in design, these authentic pieces will add Mediterranean charm to your kitchen displays or functionally add beauty to those larger dishes that need serving. 

These pieces are traditionally hand-made in Morocco from glazed terracotta earthenware clay. Rustic in finish - there may be natural imperfections and irregular markings to these pieces, due to the handmade nature. We think this adds to the charm.


M/L - 37cm wide x 5.5cm high approx.

Extra Large - 47cm wide x 7cm high approx.

We recommend hand-washing this item.

Please note - As these plates are only glazed on the top side, they are slightly porous and food can create condensation on the underside of the plates. Please use with a table mat if your table is of a delicate nature.