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Large Rif Pottery Floor Vase

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Sourced especially for our Atelier on our latest trip to Marrakech, this unique XL vase is a beautiful example of Pottery from the Rif region of the Atlas Mountains. Completely handmade and hand-painted using locally sourced pigments, this is a statement piece best suited for large spaces or used as a floor vase. 

Dimensions - 73cm high x 51cm at widest point

Please note that these are unglazed pieces, and therefore these are not water tight and are best used as sculptural pieces or with dried flowers only. There may be some small imperfections and minor chips to these pieces as pictured, due to the delicate nature of them.

Please also note that due to the large and fragile nature of these pieces, they aren't currently available to be shipped, but can be bought directly from the store. Please get in touch if you would like this item shipping and we'll see if it will be possible for us to help.