Nagle & Sisters

'Gaïa' Necklace

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The intricate 'Gaïa' pendant, which forms part of Nagle & Sisters latest 'Mother Earth' collection. In Greek mythology, Gaïa is the personification of our planet and home. In ancient Greek the word Gē is taken from the poetic form of 'land' or 'earth.' She is our Mother Earth. The pendant is beautifully complimented by its ‘sequin chain’, which reflects and shimmers with each moment you make. On a slightly longer chain, this piece layers well with other styles.

Made in East London by Nagle & Sisters, the brand of three French/English sisters currently based between London, Brighton & Montreal; with a shared passion for different cultures, art and design.

Available in either: 100% solid sterling silver // Solid Brass Gaïa pendant & 14ct yellow gold fill chain.

Dimensions: Pendant Length - 12mm // Chain Length - 50cm