'Sand Service' Perfume

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'Sand Service' perfume by CRA-YON - a revolutionary perfume house combining a conscious approach with mood-lifting scents created to be worn like different items in your wardrobe.

 'Sand Service' takes you traveling without moving. Now isn’t that sustainable?! A composition of ingredients sourced from all over the world makes this the ultimate feel-good express.

Scent Direction:  Woods, Crisp, Green 

Dominant notes: Violet leaves, papyrus, leather

Top notes: Violet leaf, Cardamom

Heart notes: Orris, Papyrus

Base notes: Amber, Leather, Cedarwood, Sandalwood

All CRA-YON perfumes are unisex, and are made from no harmful ingredients which are 100% vegan, using best quality raw materials and with a core value of sustainability - both environmentally and socially.

50ml Eau de Parfum