Mulier Studio

Sculptural Hand-Crafted Candles

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Beautiful hand-crafted sculptural candles by Spanish candle makers Mulier Studio. The colour of each piece is soft with a powder like quality, and may vary due to a manual natural dye process. These candles also have a beautiful soft mimosa scent, an enveloping, floral and fresh essence that will transport you to nature.


Available in five different shapes and colours, dimensions:

Cuperos (Honey) - 14 x 6 cm

Africa (Powder Blue) - 17 x 4 cm

Big Mutatio (Cream) - 14 x 7 cm

Odna (Terracotta) - 21 x 6 cm

Azteca (Warm Grey) - 20 x 4.5 cm

Made from vegetable soy wax, cotton wick and dyes, using a minimum percentage of mineral wax required for the stability of each piece.

Each candle comes in a box. Colours may vary in slight tonal differences.