Mari Masot

Zig-Zag Two Part Planters

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**This Tall Yellow Zig-Zag Planter is part of our special 'Ukraine Appeal Collection'. From each sale of this piece online we will donate £30 for the Disasters Emergency Committee Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal, which could provide essential hygiene supplies for three people for one month**

Sculptural hand thrown two-part planters / sculptural objects with zig-zag design, available in pink, yellow and blue, by Mari Masot. These planters come in two parts meaning that the top half can be used as a planter with drainage through to the bottom half.

Mari Masot is the brand of Spanish designer maker Marissa McInturff. Marissa has been working with clay since 2016, and works from her studio in Barcelona's. She makes her pieces in small batches and entirely by hand, striking a balance between the traditional nature of the medium, and the industrial and architectural influences of her designs.

Dimensions -

Small (Yellow/Blue) - 20cm high x 8.5cm at internal opening approx.

Tall (Pink/Yellow) - 30cm x 10.5cm at internal opening approx.