Bouchra Boudoua

Timuktu Wide Vase

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Wide terracotta hand-painted Bogolan vase in ‘Timuktu’ design by Bouchra Boudoua.

Bouchra Boudoua was born in Casablanca, studied at Central Saint Martins and established her ceramics brand in Marrakech in 2016 as a way to explore her passion for patterns and preserving the art of Moroccan ceramics. “My grandparents were Berber so on a personal level, pottery is a way to connect to my roots,” she says. “In Morocco pottery is a man’s job and usually they paint very symmetrical, Arabic designs. I am interested in bringing modern principles to this ancient language and using simple, freehand brushstrokes.”

Dimensions - 25cm x 17.5cm at widest point approx