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Terracotta Deep Plates with Handles

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Rustic terracotta plates with handles, available in two sizes. Picture this... You're hosting a Dinner Party and your table is laid with these as a set, top plate for starter, bottom plate for main - how dreamy! Or for daily use the top plate is a perfectly sized lunch/salad plate, whilst the larger is perfect for more substantial meals. Eating food from natural vessels created from the earth like this like this just makes us happy :)

These pieces are traditionally made in Morocco from terracotta earthenware clay. As these pieces are unglazed, we recommend the following steps before using with oily foods: Soak the item in water for 24 hours to avoid cracking in the next step. Then coat the inner part of the pot with vegetable oil and bake it in the oven at a low temperature for about an hour. This will form a natural patina and make these pieces more resistant to food markings. Food is often served in this way in Morocco. Please note that these plates are safe to be used without doing with first, but doing this will help to protect and lengthen the life your item. 

Rustic in finish - there may be natural imperfections and irregular markings to these pieces, due to the handmade nature. We think this adds to the charm.

Dimensions -

Medium: 28cm at widest point x 24cm diameter x 7cm high approx.

Large: 32cm at widest point x 27cm diameter x 4cm high approx.

We recommend hand-washing this item.