'Past 03' Rug

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**This 'Past 03' Rug is part of our special 'Ukraine Appeal Collection'. From the sale of this piece online we will donate £200 for the Disasters Emergency Committee Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal, which could provide emergency food for four families for one month**

'Past 03' hand-woven wool rug by Mexican brand RRRES.

RRRES is a design studio based in Oaxaca, Mexico, working directly with local artisans using traditional crafting techniques to create fine handmade pieces in small series. RRRES means nothing, and is their way of saying “we don't care about labels or brand names”. The project is the result of a collective effort between people, places, culture, and heritage. Proudly made in Latin America.

This piece has been handmade on a pedal loom by Zapotec weavers working from their community in Oaxaca. Made from 100% wool with cotton warp, from locally sourced material.

Dimensions - 160 x 100cm approx.