Handcrafted Large Pot

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Large statement pot with traditional hand painted design by Memòri - a brand that celebrates and encourages ancestral techniques of the Moroccan craftswomen and specifically potters from the Rif Mountain region. Memòri was established with the aim of keeping these ancient crafts alive, whilst giving these craftswomen a livelihood.

This ‘Guembura’ pot is made using early primitive ceramic techniques from the Rif region, dating back to 6000 BC. After drying, the pieces are covered with a whitish slip and decorated with a pattern of red and brown ocher. The main motifs are simple: alternating lines and dots, parallel and unequal lines. This piece is made from clay found in the potters surroundings in the Rif Mountains. Decorative motifs are painted with a goat hair brush made by the potter to apply natural pigments. Variations are to be expected, and each piece is fired in an open fire creating different results including smoke marks, making each piece one of a kind.

This piece is made by Aïcha, 65, from the Sless Tribe in the southern foothills of the Rif Massif. Thirty years ago more than thirty women were creating ceramics in this village alone. Today, only six of them are left, all very old, and Aïcha is the only potter still working. Aïcha learned the craft from her mother, and thanks to her job, Aïcha was able to provide for her family.

Each large piece from Memòri comes with its very own woven basket - these really are special pieces.

Dimensions - 36cm high x 29cm at widest point

Care - These ceramics are made using traditional methods and therefore are not glazed and not watertight. These are intended as decorative objects or for use with dried flowers

Please note that due the size and fragile nature of this piece we are unable to ship this and it must be collected from the shop in person.