Kintsugi Face Bowl 02 by LRNCE

Kintsugi Face Bowl 02 by LRNCE

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Hand painted large bowl by LRNCE, with Kintsugi applied by A New Tribe.

Sadly this piece was broken whilst being shipped to us, but we’ve brought it back to life with Kintsugi - the ancient Japanese art of fixing broken pottery with gold. We didn’t want to waste these beautiful ceramics which is why we’ve taken the time to fix these, and the price reflects the imperfections which we think adds to their story and beauty.

LRNCE is a Marrakesh based lifestyle brand found in 2013 by Belgian designer Laurence Leenaert. Made in North Africa and hand painted in her Marrakesh studio, LRNCE products focus on craftsmanship and individual hand finishing which gives each piece a unique charm.

This piece is for decorative use only and is no longer suitable for serving food.

Bowl dimensions - 26cm wide x 10cm high.

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