Sculptural Vessels by Haar East

Sculptural Vessels by Haar East

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Hand built sculptural ceramic vases which can also be used as candle holders, by Haar East. Haar East ceramics are handmade by Scottish designer Sarah Jeffrey, who now lives and works in East London.

Available in the following different designs:

Vase A - Textured Unglazed Outer / 12cm high x 8.5cm at widest point

Vase B - Textured Brown Glaze / 21.5cm high x 8cm at widest point

Vase C - Textured Matte White Glaze / 21.5cm high x 10cm at widest point

Vase D - Textured Unglazed Outer / 14.5cm high x 12cm at widest point

Please note that due to the handmade nature of these pieces small differences may occur between the sizes and design of each item.

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