Sculptural Vases by abS Objects

Sculptural Vases by abS Objects

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Archive Vase and Large Vase with Hoops are sculptural yet functional pieces by abS Objects. All pieces by abS Objects are designed and handmade by Avi Ben Shoshan in his studio in Tel Aviv.

The Archive Vase is made from a white speckled clay and is matte on the outside and glazed on the inside. It comes with the additional option of hanging rope with circular bead detail (bead colour will vary), meaning that you can choose to hang this or place this on a surface. Dimensions - 20.5cm high x 10.5cm wide excluding side tabs.

The Large Vase with Hoops is made from a matte pink clay and has a glazed white inner. Dimensions - 30cm high x 13cm wide excluding hoop tabs.

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