Lola James Harper

'The Vinyl Store Rue Des Dames - No 4' Room Fragrance

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No 4 The Vinyl Store Rue Des Dames by Lola James Harper is inspired by a vinyl store in Paris frequently visited by Lola James Harper and with their DJ friends - to check out what is new, or more often what is old but still amazing - encompassing lots of soul and funk music and Motown. The fragrance is really inspired by the scents of opening an old vinyl cover.

‘The Vinyl Store Rue Des Dames’ room fragrance key notes are PAPYRUS/POPLAR WOOD, balancing Cardamom from Guatemala, Texas Cedar, Eucalyptus from China, Guaiac Wood from Paraguay, and Patchouli from Indonesia. These room sprays are a fresh and strong beautiful scent for your homes, and come in a 50ml bottle.

Lola James Harper is a French brand founded by Beirut born Rami Mekdashi, creating fragrances from places and trip memories from Mekdashi’s life and travels.