Lola James Harper

'The Rainy Days in Lake District - No 7' Room Fragrance

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No 7 The Rainy Days in Lake District by Lola James Harper -Inspired by the Lake District’s evergreen land with permanent grey skies and huge open fields - founder Rami Mekdashi spent time there writing lyrics for his music.

‘The Rainy Days in Lake District’ room fragrance key notes are MYRRH/LABDANUM/YLANG, balancing Ylang Ylang from Madagascar, Tuberose, Nutmeg and Black Pepper from India, Styrax from Honduras, Red Thym from Spain, Incense from Somalia, Galbanum from Iran, and Balkans Juniper from Serbia. These room sprays are a fresh and strong beautiful scent for your homes, and come in a 50ml bottle.

Lola James Harper is a French brand founded by Beirut born Rami Mekdashi, creating fragrances from places and trip memories from Mekdashi’s life and travels.