Lola James Harper

'Just Say Yes' Eau De Toilette

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‘Just Say Yes’ No 28

The more we grow up the more we say no, while we did learn everything by accepting new knowledge, new understanding, new experiences, by taking a leap of faith... sometimes it is nice to remember that saying yes can be good even if our grown up mind tells us why we should not do it (Lola James Harper)

‘Just Say Yes’ rose Eau de Toilette is about sweetness, sensibility and fragility - It’s is about optimism, because the romantic and idealistic part of us is there anyway. This key notes in this scent are Cardamom, Geranium and Rose, and this comes in a 50ml bottle.

Lola James Harper is a French brand founded by Beirut born Rami Mekdashi. Lola James Harper Eau de Toilette are about mindsets, about the way a fragrance can change our feelings and ways.