Strata Soaps

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The SEEM soaps are suitable for all skin types. Naturally moisturising and cleansing, these vegetable based soaps are free of parabens. The vivid colour pigments are naturally occurring and the fragrances are allergen-free. 

SEEM is a French brand founded by product designer Valentine See and visual artist Mathilde Lehmann, with the intention of merging self care rituals with everyday art. Each soap has been hand-crafted in their studio in Paris.

SEEM uses only recycled and recyclable materials in their packaging.

Available in three options -

Small Strata ‘Sediment’ Soap - Fig Tree Flower Scent - 70gm - 5 x 6cm at widest point approx

Small Strata ‘Forest’ Soap - Green Tea Scent - 70gm - 5 x 6cm at widest point approx

Large Strata ‘Stone’ Soap - Sweet Almond Scent - 180gm - 5.5 x 9cm at widest point approx