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Moroccan Green Tamegroute Bowls on Stand

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Moroccan Tamegroute bowls on stand in a green glaze, which is typical of this style of pottery which comes from South Morocco from a small village called Tamegroute, which is close by to the Sahara Desert. These bowls come in three sizes as pictured.

Approximate dimensions -

Small: 17cm wide x 10cm high

Medium: 21cm wide x 12cm high

Large: 26cm wide x 15cm high

Please note that the bowls pictured may differ to the bowl that you receive as each piece is unique and has differences in glaze and tone of the colours. There may be natural imperfections to these pieces due to the handmade nature, and the three dots in the middle of each piece are caused by the making process and are not defaults. We think this adds to the charm.